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Elite opening new office to serve as food distribution hub during Pandemic.

Elite Learners is opening a new office in the 45th Council District. This pandemic has caused us to shift our opening plan. While we planned to open in the summer, this crisis has made it clear that the time is now. Therefore, we plan in the short term to use this location as a food distribution center for people in the community who are struggling to feed heir families and seniors in need who are afraid to leave their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Looking ahead, our new office will provide a range of supportive services and programs after city officials lift social distancing requirement. We look forward to partnering with Council Member Farah Louis on this effort, who has formed a task force to combat hunger in her district, and on providing meals to staff members at several hospitals in Brooklyn.

Our very own 1st Virtual Poetry Slam!!

In light of the news that school will be conducted remotely for the rest of the year, we've decided that this year's Poetry Slam will be performed and attended VIRTUALLY.

Rehearsals have already begun with a select few students. Auditions for the entire student body will open up this week. If you would like to take the virtual stage, please feel free to contact Mr. Satira or Ms. Gruin.

Download the "News School APP"

We would like to encourage parents, staff and students to download the new school app. Please go to your Apple or Google App store and search for "school News by Edlio" download the app. Please see links below.

We are PSAT ready!!!

Scholars in ELITE test preparation courses did the hard work we challenged them to do. They rolled up their sleeves and attended our workshops every Saturday for the past 16 weeks. Now, they’re ready to rock the SAT and PSAT exams.

Let’s applaud and encourage these students from East New York Family Academy and Brooklyn High School for Law & Technology who are determined to go to college and succeed.

None of this would be possible without the partnership of ENYFA Principal Anthony Yard and Brooklyn High School for Law & Tech Principal Vernon Johnson. We also appreciate the support of City Council Members Alicka Ampry-Samuel and Inez Barron.

It's Spirit Week !!!!

Hey BKLAWTECH family, please be sure to participate in the upcoming events:

Monday-Pajama Day

Tuesday-Twin Day

Wednesday-Character Day

Thursday-Sweat Suit Day

Friday-Flag Day

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